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UK Students Bringing Their Own Mobile Devices to School

The trend of students in institutions of learning in the United Kingdom bringing their own mobile devices when attending classes have started. Students are allowed to bring their own device It has greatly caught interest from schools which are not yet doing so. For them to be able to make a good decision whether to deploy BYOD they should consider the important factors involved. They can use a few guidelines to help them weigh on these elements.

Information Technology Infrastructure

For the school to be able to make a decision whether to add the BYOD method of instruction, it should make sure that it has the kind of information technology infrastructure that is capable of supporting its users. The institution should evaluate the capability of their current connectivity, server and hardware set up. They must determine whether it can sufficiently support the demands of a wider user coverage considering the addition of the devices to be brought in by their students.

Student Productivity and Learning

Of course, it is the better learning of students that is the root cause why a school considers using the BYOD as an added means of teaching. The school should make a feasibility study of possible implementation of the method. Increased activity and productivity in the classroom should be the ultimate measure. The institution should check whether instructors, tutors and professors are ready for the plan. Otherwise, they can make them prepared. This way, the purpose of the employing the BYOD will be served.


The institution of learning should also take into account whether the plan will not affect the financial side of their operations. Overall, they need to have a good projection of how they can still operate with the possible new investment without compromising the other important aspects of their services to the students. Can the academic organisation make the investment?


But aside from this question, the other consideration is that whether savings can be made when setting up the needed infrastructure and when operating under the new system. The savings can come from decreased need for the school to buy and maintain devices. Students can also save from it because they will no longer need to buy the expensive print versions of their books but rather the eBooks versions which costs less. The electronic versions are also better updated.


The school must also outline guidelines on student conduct on the use of their devices which they bring to the campus and use online from a remote location. Again, this goes back to the purpose of learning and productivity. They should have their devices approved and registered. Usage policies and budget constraints should be laid out.

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Posted on January 10, 2014

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