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Three Historically Inaccurate Things

Three Historically Inaccurate ThingsThere are things in life, or culture, which are historically inaccurate. They may have been unintentionally or intentionally distorted along the way of time. Three of these things are the black color of the garments of ninjas, the horns on the helmets of Vikings and the July 4 date of the celebration of the independence day of the Americans.

Black Ninjas

Historically, ninjas did not wear black garments. Instead, they wore navy blue ones. According to historians, the latter mentioned color was chosen by these warriors because it blends better in the dark of night than black. That would be two myths debunked. First, that the ninjas wore navy blue and not black and, second, that the lighter color of navy blue is more undetectable than black in the night.

Horned Vikings

Contrary to public knowledge, the helmets Vikings wore did not have horns. Based on historical evidence, the head gear of this group of warriors were plain iron or leather and did not have horns. We can say that the ones responsible for the misconception are the story writers and artists. We can’t blame them because Vikings are known to have fierce or barbaric reputations and imagining horns on their heads, or helmets to be more precise, is logical.

July 4 US Independence Day

It can be debated that the true independence day of the United States should be July 2 because it is the date when the Continental Congress voted for independence from Great Britain. July 4 has been the official celebration because it is the date when the congress declare and make public that the United States is independent and should be acknowledged as such.

Round Up

As you can observe, two of the three points mentioned are clearly historical inaccuracies. One of them, the last one which is the US Independence Day celebration is debatable. For the first two, interpretation created the public knowledge that is historically inaccurate. As for the last one, it is a matter of judgment and argument. In your opinion should the US have celebrated July 2 because that is when their congress agreed and decided that they are? Or July 4 because this is when they have declared it to the people and to the countries of the world that they are independent and should be recognised as one country that is such.

Posted on January 10, 2014

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