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The Cheapest Accommodation Student Rooms in the UK

The Cheapest Accommodation Student Rooms in the UKLondon is the capital of England and as one of the most exciting cities in the world. London can possibly meet your requirements, whatever your interest like pubs, shopping, theatres and many others. A lot of international students choose London when deciding on which university to go to as it is a leading global city with many strengths in the arts, finance, commerce, fashion, healthcare and media all contributing to its prominence and over 350,000 students population in the United Kingdom.

Finding somewhere to live while studying is one of the biggest and crucial decisions you will face as a student. You need to choose an accommodation that is in keeping with your lifestyle and financial capabilities. However, your chosen university will be able to advise you on suitable places to live, especially if the budget issue is concern. Types of student accommodation are also available in the UK; halls of residence, flats and houses, lodgings, hostels and bedsits.

12 Universities with the Cheapest Accommodations in the United Kingdom

  1. University of East Anglia – £3,250 is the average annual cost of accommodation. All halls of residence are within a 10 minutes walk of the university.
  2. Queen’s University Belfast – This is a walking distance from the university and there are over 2,000 bedrooms with different types of accommodation and £3,250 is the average cost of accommodation.
  3. University of Sunderland – This university is located in the heart of Sunderland and with an average cost of accommodation (£3,200).
  4. University of Wolverhampton – An average of £3,200 for the cost of accommodation and with halls based at the city. Walsall and Telford campuses an economy room at this university.
  5. Cardiff University – The halls of residence at this university are all self-catered (£3,150).
  6. Aberystwyth University – Prices for halls of residence starts at £2,153.
  7. University of Stirling – Has approximately 2,000 places in halls of residence on campus with an average cost of £3,000 for the cost of accommodation.
  8. University of Ulster – Has four campuses and there are accommodation options available at Coleraine, Magee and Jordanstown. The average cost of accommodation would be £2,900.
  9. University of Bolton – The halls of residence are self-catered with 700 bedrooms, the average cost of accommodation (£2,900).
  10. Staffordshire University – The are two main campuses (Stoke and Stafford) with £2,900 average cost of accommodation.
  11. Teesside University – The average cost of accommodation would be £2,800. The types of accommodation (with shared, single and en suite rooms).
  12. Swansea Metropolitan University – The university has five halls of residence, the cheapest options for student accommodation in the United Kingdom with an average cost of accommodation (£2,500).

Take note that living in a campus is very convenient.

Posted on January 10, 2014

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