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Essay Writing Tips for Higher Education Admission Essays

essay-writing-tips-for-higher-education-admission-essaysMany universities and collegiate-level educational institutions in the United States, the United Kingdom and other native English speaking countries would require applicants to write admission essays as part of the admission requirements. However, many applicants would have some difficulties in writing their admission essays due to various reasons. Therefore, it is important for those applicants to learn the general essay writing tips for admission essays.

The general essay writing tips for admission essays:

Answer the question or topic – If the admissions officer in charge assigned you a question, you should answer it in a direct and specific manner. Do not diverge from the question, but answer it straight to the point. If the admissions officer assigned you a general topic, list down the specific topics related to the general topic and choose the specific topic that is relevant and applicable.

Make an essay outline – Write a list of the ideas and themes you want to cover in your essay and after you finish the list, check or circle the main points you want to include in your essay.

Write an initial draft – Use the outline to write the details about the main points or themes you included in the essay, and focus on the writing of the content by using direct and descriptive language, mention clear examples if applicable, and you should write on a personal level.

Review and rewrite – Review the initial draft and check if it is well structured and formatted, and if it is an interesting description about your achievements and accomplishments.

Proofread and edit the final draft – After doing the final proofreading, show you final draft to other people and get their feedback if they can recommend other revisions. Afterward doing the last revisions, write the final version for submission.

Student applicants should remember that the general essay writing tips can only help them in the research and writing processes of their admission essays, but those tips are not a 100% guarantee that the students would produce good essays. The result of producing accurate and well-written essays would still depend on how the students effectively followed and applied the essay writing tips.

Posted on January 10, 2014

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