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Developing and Defending Your Thesis

developing-and-defending-your-thesisReading broadly and critically on the topic is a kind of help writing essays. Doing this will help you argue your case and defend the answer you have developed. You does not simply give your opinion, your reason out and defend your proposition well. Aside from making sure you answer the question, keep focus on its core and not on peripheral or related issues.

Lecture notes and readings are great help writing essays. However, do not limit to them. Do not merely summarise them. Identify the arguments involved and analyse them critically and evaluate them. You can give a small amount of time and portion for giving a description or explanation of the question. To do this, you can state how you understand it or why it is important or relevant, among others. You must have a thesis which is the answer you propose. This is what you will be arguing for.

State your thesis at the beginning portions of your writing so that your readers will know what direction your writing will go. Plan and carry out a logical structure for your writing. it is a good thing if you will be able to set out the key premises of your argument to make sure that whatever conclusion you can arrive at or deduce follow. This will give help writing essays by clarifying your argument. Also, it will emphasise how you have arrived at your conclusion. For example, you can start by stating two premises one at a time. Then, give your conclusion.

Your task is to give sound reasons that will convince your readers to accept the premises you present. You must provide reasons that will defend these premises which are part of your argument. Ultimately, doing so will support the thesis you state. In the main body of discussion for your writing work, you also put into light and debunk the arguments which are against yours. Clarify to your readers how you have reached your conclusion and the reason why you defend your thesis by organising your conclusion in a logically structured manner.

Posted on January 10, 2014

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